Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mass Effect 2

We announced a few weeks ago that we are in production on Mass Effect 2. I assumed most people would have assumed this to be true. It was our best game to date, garnering amazing reviews and fan success and we did always say it was intended as a trilogy... so... um... kinda had to do a second one.

I have to admit to not playing the first one all the way through.... I knew how it ended, so following a treasure map when you already have the treasure seemed like a lot of work.... but I guess the journey is the reward....anyway...the point is....

This will be very very good

Also here's another board. The project was boarding something you didn't write. We were given scripts to chose from and told to go to town. Also here some of the character design I did to figure out my approach....the deciding factor on the design I chose was which one would be the easiest short hand. Also please enjoy the sexist nature of just placing an apron on the beaver to establish she was a "she" apologies to women everywhere, it was late, and I didn't think she was reading as female....laziest character design evah!


  1. Mass effect 2!? I still have to play the first one! I'm so behind. Too many games so little time to paint. Your boards are always so good!

  2. Mass Effect is awesome played through twice. IGN named it as the #1 game for the 360. Nice to see you posting Greg, any chance you'll be animating these?