Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I like "Bladerunner".... its a great movie that I didn't learn to appreciate until a few years ago. I had originally written it off because it had "Indiana Jones" in it, but it wasn't "Indiana Jones".... and I could not wrap my 8 year old head around that. I mean why wouldn't you just give the guy a fedora and let him punch the Replicants in the face?

For the boarding course we took a favorite sequence and retro-boarded it to see why the director chose shots, and how the frame is set up. I developed a deeper respect for Ridley Scott and the opening sequence for this movie.

I highly recomend trying this with another movie. It gives you a glimpse of all the effort and attention that goes into setting a scene up... and you pick up on stuff that you never noticed, but always felt.

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  1. After getting into Battlestar Galactica, I gave Blade Runner another shot. On three previous attempts to watch blade runner over the years I was never a fan, until this year.