Tuesday, March 1, 2011

AM Projects

I started AM in January, just after the new year started. It was a little nerve wracking waiting to find out who my first mentor would be. Not that I was concerned about their skill level, because every mentor in the program has massive amounts of knowledge to share. It was more about what their personality would be like and how comfortable I would feel with them... and to a lesser degree, what time slot I would get.

Well, I massively lucked out when I got Anthony Wong. Anthony clearly knows his stuff, and comes from a 2D background, which make it much easier for me to follow his thought process and approach. But the best part is his absolute enthusiasm for what he does. His love for animation is infectious.

To get used to the Stu rig and practice our posing, we've been taking the sketches we do and trying to recreate and improve on the pose using the basic AM rig.

Here's the first one I did based on the generic cafe sketches in the last post.

Then we began doing theme based sketches. Trying to nail down and emotion or purpose. The first was "excitement"

Which gave me this pose...

Next was "devestation"...

Which yielded this one....

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