Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wow... apparently I really suck at keeping this updated. In my defense I was very busy this summer building decks and fences while still trying to spend as much time with my family as I could.

Bioware recently released Dragon Age:Origins which had been in production for a very long time at the studio. I was lucky enough to get to come in at the end to work on several of the cutscenes with a team that really poured themselves into the project. The game has received some excellent reviews, and even survived a treatment by Yahzee in "zero punctuation".

I started playing my complimentary copy last week, and was amazed that despite working on the title, I still find it compelling, and fun to play. This is not my experience with television animation, where I never want to see the characters again after the show ships. No offense to the projects that put food on my table, but I tend to associate each episode with 3am crunch sessions surrounded by empty cans of Mountain Dew and angst.

I've been really enjoying the experience of finishing "Mass Effect 2" with the team in Edmonton and Montreal. The game looks amazing, and plays even better.

Hopefully I won't ignore this blog as long as I did last time.

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